Sunday, 22 November 2015

The Statement Eye

Today's makeup look is all about the eyes...

After applying all my face makeup I began this look by using Urban Decay's 'Eyeshadow Primer Potion'. I then proceeded in the following sequence;
  • Using Bobbi Brown's "Touch Up" brush, I applied "212 Emerald Green" from KIKO across all of my eyelid
  • I then took my Real Technique's "Accent Brush" and used this to gently apply the same shadow to my lower lash-line in the third closest to my tear duct
  • Next I used my Superdrug "Pro:13" brush to sweep "Stars 'N' Rockets" from MAC in the outer V and along the crease of my eyelid.
  • After cleaning the Real Technique's 'Accent Brush', I then added "Stars 'N' Rockets" to the remaining uncovered surface of my lower lash-line
  • With Chanel's blending brush no.'19', I then took "Stylishly Merry"and used this to blend with "Stars 'N' Rockets"
  • Again with the Real Technique's 'Accent Brush' I added "Stylishly Merry" to the outer corner of my lower lash-line.
  • I then went back with Bobbi Brown's 'Touch Up' brush and quite literally touched-up with "212 Emerald Green"
  • To finish this look off nicely, I used L'oreals "Color Riche Crayon Le Smokey" across my upper and lower waterlines and then their "Super Liner Perfect Slim" across my upper lash-line, adding a small, sharp cat flick at the end
  • For mascara I used Benefits "Roller Lash" for both top and bottom lashes, but I also used  "Le Volume De Chanel" to further exaggerate my top lashes.
  • Finally the fake lashes I chose to use were Eyelure "Volume 100"

Et voilĂ ....

This makeup look works perfectly with a purple outfit; I wore this "Marti Purple Velvet Cross Front Dress" from Pretty Little Thing
Love Luisa


  1. WOW! I wish I was as make up talented as you. I can barely put on mascara :)

    xoxo, ♥

    1. Ah! Thank you so much haha I'm sure you're great! xoxo

  2. This is a stunning look - may have to attempt to recreate this at some point :)


    1. Please do! Send me a photo if you do, would love to see how it's turned out ! x

  3. Wow you are so incredibly talented, this look blew me away! You look amazing dear! xxxxx

    1. Thank you so so much gosh you don't know how much that means to me! xxxx

  4. You look so lovely! You really are a makeup artist!

    1. Ahh did i just get called a makeup artist?! That's an absolute dream, thank you so much!xxxx


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