Reviewing Current Hypes

Benefit was the brand I first fell in-love with when I got into makeup around the age of 13. It has slowly lost its place in my make up bag over the years (apart from my beloved speed-brow). However following the craze over their brand new "Roller Lash" mascara, I re-visited the store to try it out, and restock on my brow gel. Whilst there, I was advised that their Gimme Brow was better suited for me. So here's a review on the two products...

First up, the mascara! Well following the raving reviews from Youtube stars Zoella and Tanya Burr, I am certainly on board with this product. My lashes are the most important feature when it comes to make up, so as you can imagine I am very particular in my mascara choice. Generally avoiding these types of brushes, I was pleasantly surprised; catching all my lashes, coating on the first go, this product does absolute wonders. Although the packaging states that eyelash curlers will no longer be necessary, my curlers are my life and I just wasn't able to apply the mascara without curling, therefore I still stand by my viewpoint; no matter how good the mascara, my lashes will always be curled first! Easily removable, with a conditioning texture on the lashes, the product lasts extremely well all day, without looking at all clumpy. I would highly recommend this.

I was equally as pleased with Benefit's "gimme brow". With naturally thicker eyebrows, I tend to avoid filling them in as they can be easily made to look overpowering and unnatural. However this product is the perfect colour for my brows to match my hair. The brush makes it simple to create the perfect brow in seconds. The darkness is also build-able, depending on how lightly it is applied. Just like roller lash, this gem lasts on the brows all day, without loosing shape. I won't be going back to speed brow any time soon!

Here is a before and after shot of both the products:

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