Epps's Guide to Positive Vibes

I have spent the first two months of 2015 focusing a lot of my attention on the idea of "positive vibes". It occurred to me that because we live in a world full of so much negativity, that my next post would surround itself on the topic of reaching happiness. January was the month in which eliminating foggy patches, that were still lurking in my life, was a necessity. After clearing my mind, I then began to concentrate on doing more of what I enjoy; I believe that if we momentarily direct our attention on shaping one's own positivity, those vibes can have the power to feed off onto others. 

These are a few small things I have been doing to fill myself with positive vibes as often as possible.

- Go for a walk

Someone very wise and dear to me recently mentioned that she tends to go for walks alone to clear her mind. This week I took on her advice and the results were surprisingly wonderful. Simply a coat (depending on where you are in the world), headphones and a camera was all I needed to be in complete peace whilst observing the sunset fade into darkness. Something so simple has given me a new perspective on how to find my inner calm. With this in mind, smile at everyone who walks by. Too many people in London isolate themselves from the passers by; don't look down at the ground, pay attention to the people and places around you, your eyes will be opened to things you might not have noticed before. Smiling has become something that is not expected from people in the UK; look at people's expressions as they are likely to be pleasantly surprised by such a simple gesture.

- Change up your daily routine

Following the end of 2014, I was becoming increasingly bored of doing the same beauty and dietary regimes, as well as finding myself constantly worn out. Food wise, I have been maintaining slightly smaller portions, along side reducing how much I snack. Don't be fooled, this isn't to do with weight, but in fact to achieve feeling healthier on the inside. Porridge and Berocca have been this months favourites.

I am notoriously known for going to sleep early; without a substantial amount of sleep, both my body and the rest of my day will be hugely effected. Try going to sleep at a time which allows you to have a healthy amount of hours, also avoid using electronic devices before you shut your eyes. Many people have difficulty sleeping, although I don't suffer problems with sleep, after purchasing the yoga app Daily Yoga, I have seen an incredible improvement in how well I'm sleeping. Not only does yoga have a calming effect, it also does wonders for your physique.

- Organise

I have always considered myself an organised person, in fact that was the award I ended up winning at my year 6 prom... Not quite the award I was hoping for hah! But I have found this year that I am happiest when I finish jobs ahead of time and keep to a schedule. Making daily lists of "things to do" is my most effective way of staying on top of everything. I find the most tedious duties are the hardest to force myself to get done... making a checklist (I prefer physical rather than digital) seems to be the best way to motivate me to get everything finished. I am generally a panicky person when it comes to deadlines and making sure I'm on time. Organising myself is one of the ways to avoid that feeling.

- Surround yourself with people you love

Being young, it's sometimes too easy to waste time being with people purely for the sake of it. One thing I have noticed this year is that people's moods are unimaginably influential on ourselves. Surrounding yourself with positivity is a first class ticket to genuine contentment; be with those who have the ability to bring out the best in you, make you laugh, put you at ease and of course comfort you in times of need.

- Purchase a journal and read books

Christmas has not long passed us by and as mentioned in a previous post I purchased myself a journal and several books. I have dedicated a number of different sections to my journal including "Blog Post Ideas", "Things I did in 2015 that I'm proud of", "Places to visit" and at the back, working forwards, are pages where I jot down inspirational and touching quotes that I come across. I also keep the book I'm reading along side my journal next to my bed. Reading has always been something I love; it is a way to indulge in a different world and temporarily forget about what is going on in reality.

- Stop worrying

Society has created a generation of people who worry about the smallest of details; an imperfection, a slice of cake or even an embarrassing moment... we are criticised and judged for too much these days and it needs to change! Love yourself, notice the beauty in everything about you. If someone doesn't approve, shrug a shoulder and keep your chin up. Treat yourself, learn to laugh at your mistakes, live in the present and do what makes you happy. We are our own people and we shouldn't rely on others for approval. Don't depend on anyone but yourself. Just do it for you.

- Enjoy life's simple pleasures

Currently I have been taking into account the little things that life offers; baths, candles, flowers, the chill that sits on your cheeks in the early hours, the smell of food that ripples through the village and the birds singing every morning. It's sometimes easy to forget that the small touches in life are sometimes the best. The more you become aware of the little things, the more easily pleased you will become by them and the happier you'll find yourself.

- Music

Music plays a huge role in my life, I pretty much memorise every lyric to most songs I find and listen to it every day. We are only 2 months into this year and already there is so much amazing music I have come across. It's fair to say there seems to be music for every mood. This year, a huge chunk of the music I've been listening to has been particularly uplifting; the duo Oh Wonder have been a distinct favourite of mine. Listen to music that makes you happy and that you can connect with. Don't be ashamed of liking a particular artist or genre. 

"Your vibe is contagious. Make sure that's a good thing"
(Photo taken by me whilst on a walk)

Love Luisa xo

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