Bedroom Bits & Bobs Haul

We are already in the second month of 2015 already and it was this time last year that I eventually got round to redecorating my room; I drastically changed it from once being covered, ceiling to floor, in photographs & posters to a white-walled, modern environment. My bedroom has become something I am proud of; I believe a bedroom is a place of self-expression, it should represent ones personality in order for it to be a place of true comfort and relaxation. Earlier today I visited several stores where I purchased several bits and bobs to add to my room, this is what I came home with...

To begin, here is a panorama of my entire room itself

My first purchases today were vintage glass containers from a shop called Hortus. The candles inside are from Sainsburys

Sticking with Sainsburys, this KILNER jar screamed "make me a into candle holder" when I came across it so I really could not resist. (Any tea light will fit perfectly for this little invention).

Next up I visited several flower shops in order to brighten up my room. Flowers have the power to add a touch of life without being overpowering; I chose to go for more simplistic colours to give more of an elegant effect.

This next item I admittedly did not purchase today, in fact I have had this for a number of years, but I couldn't resist including it as it's one of the other statement pieces in my room.

Here are some images to give you an idea of how my new bedroom accessories look:

"Less is more" seems to be a somewhat accurate description of how I designed my room. For me, it is the little details which really make a room. I am not a fan of overcrowding as it can make my room seem smaller than it is; these items are enough to offer some quirkiness without becoming clutter.

Happy Valentines day lovelies
Luisa xo

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