Crimbo Reminiscing & 2015 Planning

So this post will feature a preview into what I was lucky enough to receive this christmas and what I purchased during the sales leading up to 2015.  My intentions for this post are not to gloat, or show off. As well as this, I will be letting you in on things I have planned for next year and what I've been up to skin care wise!

Not to start off on a negative note, but I'll get this one out the way first! After much excitement at the thought of receiving a film camer for christmas, it seems I have to return the thing before I've been able to take some test shots. As the lever doesn't work I have decided to return it and wait until my birthday (in July) to ask for a GoPro camera instead as I believe it will in actual fact be more useful for me than the film camera anyway! Maybe its fait that caused the camera to break. hah!

NOW, enough with the broken gifts, and onto the more positive ones! So, the first gift to show are the Zoeva makeup brushes in rose gold. The brushes have failed to disappoint and I am over the moon with them so far. They offer a soft touch for the skin and of course the colour alone is enough to buy them!

Next up are the very popular christmas present this year, Ugg Sippers. They are the snuggliest form of footwear going and I'm thrilled so far with cold feet no longer being an issue!

It wouldn't be christmas without some nail varnish to add to my collection. So far I have only worn the middle colour but I will be doing a post featuring a preview and my opinions on each.

Candles and Nail Varnishes go hand in hand, so it would be a crime not to receive some this christmas. I was spoilt rotten this year with candles, each one giving of delicious scents.

My main gift was the Daniel Wellington watch named "Classic Bristol Lady". I am in complete awe with the watch and can't go 5 minutes without having a quick glance at it.

One of my favourite gifts this year was a book that I saw on Lucia, from style confessional's, instagram. I have sadly finished the book already. However it was the best read of the year by far! With an uplifting tone, it's a must read for all the women on the earth.

As far as clothes go, my main item was a Topshop bottle green coloured lace dress which I will have more pictures on in an upcoming post ;)

Featured on the journal is the necklace I was surprised with. From Tiffany's, it has two interlinked rings. I cannot begin to describe my expression when I opened this.

Then comes the journal; a gift I bought for myself using an Amazon voucher given by a family member. (Notice the ambigram cover - the word "Journal" can also be read upside down!) The purpose of this is to not only plan my blog posts, but also make note of any quotes I see and want to remember in the future. What goes in my journal is something I plan to share with you.

So with 2015 beginning tonight (I am writing this on New Years Eve) and with christmas food out the way, I have been paying close attention to my skin. No more chocolates for a while! I went scrummaging through my bathroom cabinet in order to find my old skin care favs. Recommended to me by a beautician a few years back were the Eve Taylor products. I use the cleanser after removing my makeup in order to give my skin the extra clean it needs. After washing that off I use the moisturiser. When paired together, these products not only leave you smelling as if you've just come out of a massage, but also seep nicely through those paws and offer the skin the boost it needs to remain its best! I would highly recommend both these products which I use on a day to day basis. Then also features the Soap & Glory "Dr Spot"; the texture of this product is almost impossible to describe, however I'll give it a try. This colourless, gel-type liquid comes out onto ones finger with minimal effort. It is light weight and feels just like any old liquid. A tiny amount is needed as it is easily spread. It is a cupboard necessity for those inconvenient skin imperfections. Applied, and left, overnight, I have found this spot cream to do the job 100% of the time and would again highly recommend it.

Finally, whilst shopping in the post-crimbo sales I made a quick visit to the Mac store in order to purchase more eyeshadows for my palet. I won't talk much about this as it is also a separate post that I am currently working on.

So that's about it from me, I hope you had a festive christmas and have a perfect New Year! See you in 2015 bloggers!

Love Luisa x

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