Feeling Musical

These past few weeks have been more heavily focused on music as oppose to fashion or makeup. There have been many songs, albums and even artists as a whole that I've  been loving so I thought I would share.

Of course, I will have to start with the incredibly talented singer who I went to see at the Hammersmith Apollo last week. I was lucky enough to bag myself tickets to see Sam Smith live, and boy was it emotional! His voice fills a room like no other and it was truly the most spectacular night.

He performed almost every song from his latest album "In The Lonely Hour" with a few extras as a pleasant surprise

This leads me on nicely to the group Years & Years. As well as being Sam's supporting act, they are funnily enough one of my most liked bands. I was overwhelmed with excitement when they came on stage as I had no idea they were supporting. My top songs by them include "Real", "Take Shelter", "Desire" (which is yet to be released on iTunes) and their unimaginable cover of "Breathe" by Maverick Sabre (another fav of mine). ( --- https://www.youtube.com/user/yearsandyearsband --- )

Next up is another band and if Years & Years don't tickle your fancy perhaps Jungle might. According to wikipedia, Jungle produce "modern soul" music however, I would describe it as being music which has a feel good, chilled factor and offers mellow yet up beat vibes. The music is unique, including the singer who's voice is like no other (in the best way possible). I have personally known about them for about a year now, and seeing them perform at Reading Festival this year only made me love them even more. They have a selection of well known songs, however I would generally say that all their songs are of equal value because they are just SO good. With the recent release of their album, simply named "Jungle" my current favourites whilst writing this post has to be "Julia" and "Lucky I Got What I Want".
( --- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaICFskQWXSb0XDsM3xhEfQ --- )

(^^^ Performance at Reading Festival)

Now aside from Coldplay being my number 1, definitive, all time favourite band. The rest of my music varies in all directions! This is where it becomes difficult to discuss on a blog; so instead, I'm simply going to link my soundcloud below and you are more than welcome to go and check it out and even let me know what you maybe liked from it. I have 3 playlists made by me, and other playlists I follow will also come up. My most recent playlist, and the style of music I have been most into recently, is labelled "chilllleeed" so go on over and have a listen!
--- https://soundcloud.com/luisa-epps

I could honestly ramble on for hours about music as a whole, but as this is a post, and you may be starting to fall asleep by now I will finish with Ben Howard; after the recent release of his album "I Forget Where We Were" I was even more lucky last month to get tickets for his tour in April. I cannot wait! As a result I have had the album on repeat since. I won't say anything more about it other than JUST GO AND LISTEN TO IT.

So thats all from me, I hope my music taste isn't too atrocious! If there are any other posts you would like me to write which are music related, perhaps about my festival/concert experiences then do let me know, otherwise I hope you have a good rest of your day, week, month year! Until then, happy listening and more importantly happy blogging!

Luisa xo 

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