My Go to Lipsticks

A while ago, I took it upon myself to go searching for a "Kylie Jenner" lipstick that would suit my skin tone. One person's "nude" lipstick is another's pastel tone, or dark brown. With this in mind, I spent along time on Youtube and Selfridges, finally coming across Tom Ford's mink lipstick. After shedding some tears because I didn't want to spend £40 on a make up brand I'd never tried (and couldn't even find a decent swatch online for surprisingly), I went on a drugstore haul. The result of this was a few lipsticks which I now switch between daily. With the whole Kylie Jenner, drawing over the lines of your lips make up technique- I don't use that, as my lips are already big and there's no ignoring the fact I'd be verging on the edge of looking like Flappy bird if I made them look any bigger. Ha.

Depending on what look I'm going for when I'm in a rush, these are the ones that I tend to use.

Here are the lipsticks and links to buy, in order of how much I love them. 
  1. SMOTHER by Sleek, This is my absolute favorite lipstick of the moment. I first discovered dark purples when I stumbled across some shades by Barry M, however those were quite drying for my lips and I didn't appreciate the stains left by their matte textures. This lipstick is the COMPLETE opposite - It's vibrant, creamy, and very moisturizing. If you're looking for a dark purple lipstick this is definitely one you should try out for £4.99. The darker shade looks good with minimal make up everywhere else- I find myself using no eyeliner with this one as I want the focus to be on just my lips.
  2. CHOCOLATE CHIP by NYC, Another brand which randomly popped up in Superdrug about a year ago or so, which is really cheap but very good quality. This was the Lipstick which I chose as my Kylie Jenner dupe lipstick (for my skin tone) and its available to purchase for a mere £1.99. What a bargain. I'm in fact looking forward to doing a haul from this brand and reviewing their lipsticks and nail polishes, the ones I own are so fab!
  3. DARE by Sleek, The newest of my collection, but also the driest! It has a matte texture, so I find it's good for a short outing like popping to the shops. I wouldn't try and sport this for a full day of school as by lunchtime it's faded, and left my lips in  need of a good bit of lip balm. The texture and shade are a good look and can add a small pop of color to any pink red/purple styled make up look. It contains vitamin E to prevent ageing... useful. This one is also £4.99.
  4. TWEEK by Sleek, This is truly the epitome of NUDE for me! It doesn't look like it on my wrist but it doesn't usually look like I'm wearing anything on my lips when I use this shade. That's a bonus for a lazy make up day, it evens out my lip color to a nice soft brown, with a very slight hint of pink. Job done. It's also very moisturizing and it conditions the skin on your lips. Tweek is £4.99 like its other sleek siblings and isn't physically available in any stores as far as I'm aware, which is a shame because it's such a nice shade!
  5. MINK by Revlon, I have to give this lipstick an honest 10/10 for texture. It has the best coverage out of any lipstick that I have ever purchased, and I use it for a barely there effect. £7.99 is it's price.
What do you think of these shades? Do you prefer the pinks and purples, or a classic red shade?

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