Throughout the first years of my teenage life I was entirely in the dark about skin care and moisturising. I suffered with dry skin based around my T-zone and it continued to be a problem for a while. It's became a little more difficult knowing what products to use when the rest of my skin was hydrated and  sometimes oily around my nose. As you can imagine it was a nightmare job finding a moisturiser which would TAME my skin and even out the levels of hydration all over! After much googling and consulting in stores I managed to find two moisturisers which I have stuck with ever since.

The first is Chanel's (pricey I know, but worth every penny) Hydra Beauty Creme

This product not only smells like something you know is going to do your skin good, but feels softer than most cashmere scarves! It is the perfect consistency and travels smoothly and evenly across the skin when applied. Only a small amount is needed, which is why, although mine is ironically almost empty, it lasts for a very long time. With the heavenly scent, this product makes you look forward to applying it day and night. The skin feels pampered after every application and the results are almost immediate.

Next up, my most recent find, is Cliniques Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief  gel-creme

This moisturiser has a lighter consistency and feels like a liquid when being applied. It doesn't have a strong scent but it has a refreshing tone to it. The moisture surge is perfect for my skin as it is so light that it doesn't irritate. My personal preference are products which don't feel claustrophobic and heavy on my face. This product is what I tend to use most, and Hydra Beauty Creme is what I use as more of a treat every once in a while for my skin!

This brings me nicely onto a product which can be paired with the moisture surge gel; Cliniques Moisture Surge Overnight Mask makes this a perfect duo.

This mask feels thicker when first applying, but its ability to instantly sink into the skin allows you to feel as if you're wearing nothing at all. I generally use this once a week just to give my skin that extra boost it needs.

All three of these products have made my skin healthy and evenly hydrated. I no longer suffer with an imbalance of dry and oily skin which means I don't have to be as specific in foundation choice.

Although they are up market products, when it comes to skin it is essential to treat yourself to products that will care for your skin type in the best way possible!

Happy moisturising! Love Luisa xo

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