Sunday, 12 October 2014

Autumn Essentials

So I (Luisa) guess I'm kicking off  this new blog with some of my autumn essentials

First things first, a warm oversized jumper; something to throw on for when the cold weather takes over                         

Most importantly to follow are a selection of candles, make your room smell like autumn to get you in the mood.

Nails are a necessity and now that autumns here the darker colours can finally come out


(in oder of appearance from left to right)
NARS foundation, Chanel powder brush, Real Techniques brush,  Chanel foundation brush (used for under eye concealing), Chanel contour brush (just because summer's gone doesn't mean the tan goes too!), Chanel crease brush, Bobbi Brown brow brush (sometimes used for under-eye shadow application), Bobbi Brown "Touch Up" brush, any old eyebrow brush set, L'Oreal Superliner, Collection under eye concealer, Urban Decay Gold liner, L'oreal pencil eyeliner, Benefit Speed Brow gel, Guerlain mascara, Clinique bottom lash mascara, Urban Decay eyeshadow primer, MAC eyeshadow palet, Guerlain bronzer, MAC eyelash curler.

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick - "Glaston-berry"
MAC eyeshadows (the two gold shades) "Amber Light" and "Bronze"

Perfume of the season is Giorgio Armani's "Si"

My choice of hairstyle so far has been loose autumnal curls, here I used a curling wand to achieve this.

Couldn't leave out fluffy socks in my autumn essentials, the fluffier the better

Happy Autumn !



  1. Wow your photographs are fab!
    I love Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks,and si by Giorgio Armani is such beautifully scented perfume, and I totally agree that candles and warm jumpers are a MUST in the autumn/winter months.

    Happy blogging, Rhiannon x

    1. Thank you so much Rhiannon we really appreciate that! checking out your blog now :)

      Luisa x

  2. Love love love candles in the fall! My favorite are the 3 wick candles from bath and body works...have you ever tried those? Great post!

    xoxo, linds

    1. No I haven't but they sound amazing, will put that on my to-do list tomorrow and make a purchase! thank you so much! xoxo

  3. The socks made it for me #TinyFeet ;)

    Absolutely brilliant first post. The photos were incredible, truly talented x

    1. Haha thank you Amal you know me and my feet ;)


  4. Lovely first post! Your photography is great and I also love how many candles you included here because I LOVE CANDLES!
    Happy blogging, i'm sure you're going to be great at it
    Love, Jessica

  5. Thankyou so much Jessica really appreciate it! Not even half my collection haha bit of a candle freak! x

  6. Hey, just stopped to tell you how amazing this post is. I was thinking to write a post about my own autumn essential and I was checking some related posts to find some inspiration and add things to my list, but this post is the most inspiring one so far, I love the pictures and your hair look gorgeous :)



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